Growing Up In Chinatown by Victor Yue

Growing Up In Chinatown by Victor Yue
Date: 29 Apr
Venue: Grassroots Book Room

Chinatown (commonly known as Tua Po) was an important hub for Singapore’s early Chinese immigrants. Those who arrived by sea often found accommodation and jobs in this area and it soon became a place where one could get virtually any Chinese supplies, especially those for Chinese festivals. Join blogger Victor Yue as he shares the stories of his childhood days growing up in a multi-tenant house in Tua Po, where one toilet and kitchen were shared by many, and playtime in the neighbourhood often involved gang fights! 

About Victor Yue 

Local blogger Victor Yue grew up in Tua Po (or Downtown), that covers the Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew enclaves of what many known as Chinatown today. In searching to understand better the Singaporean Chinese heritage, he began chatting with the older folks about traditions and customs, the similarities and differences in different clan groups. He usually shares the stories which he uncovered on his popular blog called “Bullockcartwater”.




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